Being as “More to Come” isn’t exactly a winning introductory post, I think I’ll use this, my second post, as a way to introduce myself. This is a new blog, but I’m hardly a new blogger: I’ve been doing my thing for years over at for years. Unfortunately, somewhere within those years, I became vegan and lost my interest in leather and the like, got far more interested in environmental welfare and less interested in mindless consumerism, and the final nail in the coffin, I did my senior thesis. During my months of not-blogging, Blogger changed so many features that I can’t access my old account.

So here I am! I’m still remarkably superficial, so expect plenty of fashion talk, but this time around, it’ll be vegan, and with a focus on sustainable consumerism and DIY. So once again, I’ll say it: stay posted! There really is more to come.