I believe I first came across Brookadelphia at the Bust Holiday Craftacular last year. The Craftacular (details here, for those unfamiliar) can be a bit overwhelming, but thanks to an appropriately green pendant that proclaimed “vegan,” Brookadelphia’s wares caught my eye. Now, I prefer not to wear my beliefs around my neck (har har), but should you ever get the urge to wear your locale:

Brookadelphia has you covered! Or, if you’d care to be pretentious:

or mock the pretentious kids:

you can take your pick. The designer also offers the opportunity to send a message:

and right about now, that’s an excellent message to project from a shiny little chain around your throat. Finally, if you must be a traditionalist:

this is only one among several cute, wordless pendants that still project Brookadelphia’s unique, clean style.

So who wants to buy me some earri–I mean, register to vote?