Also known as an entry without pictures. I need visual appeal as much as the next aesthetically oriented human being, but I’m writing about street style blogs, and it seems a bit shady to steal people’s personal, non-commercial photographs.

Damn it, I just outed my subject within the first two sentences of my entry, and I didn’t even manage a snappy opener. My high school journalism teacher would be so disappointed.

Crappy writing aside, I want to offer a quick explanation for my new link category. I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite street style blogs under the header, “Excuse me, but I love what you’re wearing” because the fact of the matter is, I usually do. There are plenty of contemporary designers who are perfectly capable of sending a look that’s impeccably styled down the runway, but they rarely do it with much character. I’ll check out runway footage every so often, but I’m far more interested in fashion when it hits the streets. The looks that get featured on these blogs are individual, imperfect, and ungentrified (well, save for when The Sartorialist features the UES), which only makes them all the more stylish, in my opinion. After all, fashion is a capitalist institution, but style can’t be bought.

Anyhow, now for the explanation part (what, you thought I was done?): London Street Fashion is precisely what it’s name proclaims it to be, and it’s conveniently divided into regions, so you can see sloane rangers and carnaby mods alike. Look At Me is a Russian site, and while my utter lack of Russian communication skills prevent me from telling you too much about the site, I can write with confidence that there’s some damn interesting style featured. Pike/Pine features Seattle, the birthplace of some damn good music (shut up, I’m a child of the nineties), and while you will see a lot of flannel there, variety is not lacking. Portland Street Style is, once again, self-explanatory and straightforward–it could only be better if they tagged the vegan fashions. The Sartorialist is the classic, one of the earliest successful street style blog, and little darling of tastemakers everywhere. There was a time when The Sartorialist mostly featured New York a while back, but at this point, it’s as international as Isabella Rossellini. Tokyo Street Style is another one that’s divided into regions, and while I don’t know much about the boroughs of Tokyo, I can tell you that they all have personality. Last but not least is Wardrobe_Remix, to which I used to contribute until I realized that my photography skills were crap, and where I still find some truly inspiring individuals.

That’s all. Turns out I’m too tired to think of a snappy ending too, but I still hope you enjoy these awesome blogs.