I know it’s old hat to be inspired by little Edie Beale at this point (though you do have to admit, she had some killer high-waisted shorts), but the 30’s in general were a bastion of great fashion. I feel like it’s a decade oft overshadowed by its flashier younger sibling, the roaring twenties, or perhaps it’s historically more significant elder, the WWII era. In my opinion, though, having been caught between two such significant cultural turns renders the thirties an awfully interesting period of flux, and fashionably speaking, the great depression forced people (well, more people–I don’t want to suggest that everyone in the Western world of the 1920’s lived lives of privilege) to be far more resourceful than had been necessary in the period of excess that preceded it. Rather than buying new clothes, lots of people restyled their older things–and between a recession and an environmental crisis, the new millenium really ought to be taking a cue from the 30’s about now. But enough; time to let the pictures do the talking:

And if you want to get in on the look without the vintage prices:

Here and here.