Though I’ve long been a crafter (when I was little, I would make doll houses for my troll dolls out of cardboard boxes–I remember being particularly proud of my troll-sized super nintendo), I’m relatively new the the world of machine-sewing. Still, I like to think that I’ve taken to it quickly, and while I have so many projects in my pile that I just quit my second job (and, okay, I need to plan moving 1300 miles–that figured a LITTLE bit into the decision), and I’ve actually managed to complete a few things, too.

Of course, part of me thinks that it’s douchey and self-congratulatory to post one’s own creations in one’s own blog–but then, part of me is douchey and self-congratulatory. And hey, I love looking at other people’s creations (have I ever done a post on how much I love bits and bobbins? I believe I did in my old blog), so maybe it’s not too much to hope that other people might enjoy seeing mine, too. So, without further ado:

This is a simple grey t-shirt, because grey is, in my opinion, the easiest color to wear, and jersey, the easiest fabric. It’s made out only of two pieces, but it drapes nicely enough that I’ve gotten away with wearing it to my conservative office.

Another t-shirt here, this one made of a stiffer jersey. Thanks to my imperfect photography skills, you can’t see the neato dip-dye texture of the fabric, but it’s the perfect un-basic basic. There are also epaulets on the sleeves.

This was a large button down dress with shoulder pads, but now it’s my new high-waisted skirt. The waistband is very imperfect, but I think that the fabric covered buttons distract from that unfortunate fact.

Lastly, this was a very large rugby shirt, and white it’s a very imperfect recon, it remains very, very comfortable. I’ve worn it out to Saturday morning coffee no fewer than three times, with many more to come. It’s just that sort of shirt.

By the way, if any other seamstresses (and seamsters!) happen to be reading this and happen to be bloggers, I would love to link you, so drop me a line!