While I enjoy sleeping in on weekend mornings (or sleeping off a hangover, if need be), I must say, I believe that my favorite way to spend a Sunday morning is worshipping at the altar of coffee at my favorite coffee house, with a vegan scone to complete the perfect picture. Coffee works wonders for my creativity (or, if not that, then my productivity), and I usually get quite a bit done here at the coffee shop, but this morning is just distracting. I should be writing an article on FIV and FeLV, but I find myself sidetracked by the local color–there’s a girl in the corner with an adorable pink sweater vest, another at the table across from me with dreads and seersucker pants (I dig the contrast), and a group of fifty-something ladies by the door who just finished singing ‘happy birthday’ and have now moved on to discussing crafting (!). Coupled with the lovely fall weather we’ve been having, it’s the sort of morning that makes me want to quit my job and slowly burn through my savings by taking up residence in a coffee house. So, rather than ruin my morning by forcing inspiration to finish my newsletter article (it’s half done, anyway), I’m going to share a few things I’ve had my eye on lately instead.

First up is Tom Robbins novels. The next thing I read will be decidedly not Tom Robbins because I’m starting to think like he writes, which I believe means I’m starting to surfeit. Still, he does paint lovely mental pictures, and while I don’t like his novel that I’m currently reading (Still Life with Woodpecker), I liked Skinny Legs and All enough that I still think he’s an excellent author. Thing is, I can’t decide if he’s a true second-wave feminist or just another man with something of a fetishized view of female sexuality. One way or another, he gives me plenty to think about.

Next is this tremendous op-ed piece by Gloria Steinem. She always gets it right.

I’m also still thinking about The Wackness, which I saw a couple weeks ago. Expect another post on it sometime soon, and buy yourself the soundtrack if you’re nostalgic for the nineties.

Then there’s this bag, first spotlighted by Chic Vegan, which would make a lovely addition to my bag wardrobe. Much better than those smug and self-congratulatory “I’m not a plastic bag” totes that were all too au courant last year. And Chic Vegan’s blog comes with a high recommendation from yours truly.

I’m also rather liking Crafting A Green World, both for its message and its content.

Lastly and not leastly, I’m pretty smitten by the Minna dress at burdastyle, and the pattern is FREE! Thing is, it’s getting rather cold here, and I own about two hundred (or three) sundresses from the seventies and other accoutrements of summer that doesn’t get enough attention as is. Still, this pattern has so much potential, looks relatively easy, and I bet I could make it comfy to boot. I’m picturing a sportier version, made in cotton jersey, perhaps with straps made of a striped rib knit. Of course, even if I find a way to justify making a tiny dress in 50 degree weather, that doesn’t change the fact that my project pile is already ten deep.

At least Nicky is enjoying it.