I cannot find my favorite shoes. It’s a product of having moved 1400 miles (and neither carefully packing nor carefully unpacking, since I’m just moving back another 1390 again in seven weeks and counting), but I’ll be honest, I’m genuinely pretty unhappy about this. Worse is the fact that I feel vaguely guilty about being so unhappy about losing something as stupid and trivial as a pair of $4 thrift store pumps, so it’s like compounded unhappiness–I miss my shoes, I feel guilty about missing my shoes, and then I feel doubly bad for devoting so much of my emotional capacity to closet fillers in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle.

Thing is, they were really good shoes. They were the perfect early 80’s almond-toe stiletto pumps, a bit scuffy and broken in to boot, and I got compliments on them whether I wore them to weddings or dive bars. The best part of them is (was, I suppose–I still haven’t come to terms with the idea that they’re probably gone forever) their color–they were the perfect shade of Miu Miu fall 2007 mustard yellow. I love any bold, un-precious color that looks striking with black, but mustard yellow would be a disaster anywhere near my face. Thereby, my feet are the perfect place to put that color. Thus, losing these particular shoes is something a tragedy.

But life goes on. These shoes aren’t a perfect replacement, but they’re probably about as close as I’ll come.

And look! Vegan to boot (har har).