Between the fact that it was very recently very hot here, and that I’m not yet super good at sewing sleeves, the end of summer has yielded a few tank tops for me. This one was completely free:

It’s made from a white undershirt that used to be my brother’s. The buttons were harvested from the dress I used to make the skirt in this post, and I had the white thread and grey dye already around. Of course, I based the pattern on a tank top made of a super stretchy rib knit, so it’s a bit (read: a lot) too small. I actually think I like the way it looks only buttoned at the waist, though, so it’s all good. Next up:

This one is based upon a Built by Wendy pattern (Simplicity 2865, I believe), but I modified a few things so that I could make it out of a $3 thrifted shirt instead of a yard and a half of fabric (saving, what, $10? That’s totally pizza and beer with a friend). It’s a racerback, and I think that stripes fit the pattern perfectly. I used the wrong presser foot for knits, so it’s stretched out in a few places. Fortunately, I think the super cute buttons distract from its imperfections. Forgive me the clashing skirt, I am my own dress form:

See? Super cute! Finally, my favorite:

This is an unflattering picture of me, but I think it’s an excellent picture of my final top–I bought the fabric, but it’s a completely stiff woven, so I thought it could use a stretchy panel. The stretchy band isn’t actually a rib knit panel as it looks to be, but rather, a lovely section of stripes that came from–you guessed it–a $1 thrifted top. Unfortunately, I now have 95% of an XXL men’s polo with one long front stripe missing. I feel guilty getting rid of that much extra fabric, but maybe I’ll need a few more stripy panels sometime soon.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, I’ll get sleeves down pat soon so that I can make myself some fall clothes.