Anyhow. My cousin is getting married this weekend, and what with half of my possessions in boxes in my parents attic, I was having a difficult time choosing what to wear. I went to a wedding in April, but it was a very posh evening wedding held in a well-known DC theatre with a jazz combo and singapore slings. This one will be more of a hippies-on-the-lake-in-the-(hopefully)-sunny-afternoon type thing, so I didn’t think that the same dress would be appropriate: for the other wedding, I went the J. Crew route. Hippies + J. Crew. . . no. Aside from that, I really, really, reeeeeally cannot afford to drop $200 on a dress that I won’t wear again for who the hell knows(?) how long.

So, I made mine!

bodice detail

Inspiration was this dress (because $120 is still a lot of money), but I didn’t want to look quite so busy, and I preferred a flat strap to the knot. The fabric is a stretchy polyesther blend, but to touch it, you’d swear it was silk (albeit vegan). Notions included thread and a zipper. I drafted the pattern myself, and for a first time drafting patterns, I don’t think it came out half badly. I used the skills I garnered in costume fittings–I took enough measurements to give myself a neuroses, and even did the dreaded center bust to center bust measure (read: nipple measurement). Help from a good friend and her wonderful mother were also essential to the construction of this dress–I probably never would have gotten the skirt attached to the bodice without their help (I procrastinate). All in all, it wasn’t terribly difficult, though it would have been far easier had I not initially sewed the right side and the wrong side of the skirt together (I believe I filled my stupid quotient for the month on that one). The only thing that’s been a pain has been the fabric’s tendency to unravel. Using super small stitches turned out to be the best way to combat that one.

I leave for the wedding on Friday, so hopefully, the dress won’t get horribly crumpled in transit and I’ll be able to take some better pictures. In the meantime, hope you like!