… but I do kind of have a thing for J. Crew. Now, let’s get something straight here: I wouldn’t be caught dead in an Abercrombie, and given the typical snottiness quotient of the salespeople at Ralph Lauren, you’d be hard pressed to get me to shop there, too. I mean, I’m not exactly the preppy type to begin with. But despite it’s extremely preppy leanings and somewhat unreasonable price tags, I’ve always had a little bit of thing for J. Crew. I think that it comes partially from the fact that it simply is what it is: J.Crew never tries to be young, or edgy, or urban, or anything other than a purveyor of simple, preppy basics.

And you have to admit, they’re good at that. I mean, it’s just a fact of life that at some point, a rich person could invite you to a wedding. If you want neither to stick out nor shell out. J. Crew is a good place to find a simple, flattering dress that you can totally wear more than once. Of course, a lot of is isn’t exactly vegan-friendly; J. Crew is definitely the realm of hammered silk and boiled wool. But doesn’t that make it all the more exciting to come across the phrase cotton sateen? I made the dress that I’m going to wear for the next wedding I’m going to (scroll down), but I’m actually sort of hoping for another invite as an excuse to get this:

And frankly, I would wear this top even without having to justify it as a performance for the wealthy:

And these jeans are pretty much perfect:

If nothing else I’ve said has convinced you, I’m sure you’ll at least concur that when your grandmother wants to buy you clothes, it’s nice to have a place to go that won’t completely offend her (Urban Outfitters, I’m lookin’ at you).

What, you still don’t like the corporate prep look? Then all I can say is, at least it’s not Vineyard Vines.