I usually like structured clothing. Jeans are my friends, jackets are my lovers, and when making my own clothes, I put darts just about everywhere they’ll go. Still, I have a soft spot for snuggly sweatshirts (and it’s hardly surprising, as I’ve lived in Nebraska, New York, London, and Massachusetts), so I’m always happy to find one that’s warm enough for a frosty morning and cute enough to wear to a party (I’m lazy. Really lazy). This one from Puella fits the bill quite nicely:

The oversized laces add interest, the fake sherpa lining screams out–no, that’s not right, cuddly things don’t scream–it coos gently “comfort.” And it’s vaguely reminiscent of Stella McCartney fall 2007:

The Puella version, however, is a bit more accessible for everyday wear than a full-body knit jumpsuit, so it’s a bit above the designer version on my list. Forgive me, Ms. McCartney.

Belated Shoes of the Week post coming tomorrow. Wednesday at the latest.