Shoes to match where I spent the weekend:

Gunmetal is the only metallic I can stand. Get ’em here.

Actually, metallics aside, I don’t often do flip-flops–flats are just as comfy, don’t require a pedicure (a total waste for dancers), and look far neater. Having spent this past weekend at Lake Tahoe, though, I needed plastic shoes that wouldn’t hold the gravel. Remember what I said about mustard on one’s feet? Well, I found a pleasingly yellow pair, and hope to get some use out of them in the future.

Ironically, ski jackets are on my radar right now as well. I haven’t been skiing in far too long (no money), but I like ski jackets because they’re not too bulky, but they’re warm and waterproof. Anyhow, these two caught my eye, and while I didn’t make any purchases, I’ll be watching for sales. I do quite like a nice plaid.

Next on the list are Chick-o-Stix. Yum.

Also, The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey. I’m not a mystery person, though I suppose that’s how you’d classify this book. That makes it the most unique, unlikely mystery I’ve ever read. Too short, though.

Next, U-Hanbag. I just got a new computer (haven’t moved into it yet, though), and I can’t wait to make a new bag to tote it around it.

Alright, now for the rant part. I sometimes wonder if having a fashion blog, however conscientious, isn’t a bit bad for the state of the world–after all, on whatever level, it encourages consumerism, and the ultimate only way for us to improve upon the environment and our sad consumerist mentality is simply to buy less shit. This weekend, however, made me think otherwise.

Consumerism is all but inevitable. Unless you’re completely self-sustained (unlikely for anyone in Western culture, and next to impossible for urban dwellers), you probably have to buy some things some times, and I think it’s important that people know their options, and particularly that their options include small businesses, greener alternatives, and in many cases, making things themselves.

This weekend, although all in all a fabulous getaway, I wished I had more options. I didn’t anticpate wanting to swim in Lake Tahoe–it’s a deep, cold lake–but when I got there, it was so beautifully inviting that I had to take the plunge. Unfortunately, in most places (that I know of) around Lake Tahoe, that requires a swimsuit. You’d think that around a lake, I’d have tons of options, right?


I had to choose between tops that wouldn’t stay put in the water, bottoms that would require a major bikini wax, bottoms that would expose a bit too much of my bottom, or spending $90 on the one sensible suit I could find. I’m a third wave feminist and I don’t think we have anything to hide, but why does it seem like all women’s swimwear is designed by men?

All in all, though, a great weekend. A perfect end to summer. I can now look forward to Pumpkin Spice soymilk.

My posture is usually better than this