It’s not often that I take my fashion inspiration from the movies–I’m far too self-centered to cede that some movie stylist might have better taste than myself. Still, The Wackness has inspired one of those rare moments where I really, really, really wish that my closet was the wardrobe room on set. The movie itself is truly fantastic, but Olivia Thirlby’s wardrobe deserves a mention of it’s own. Let’s start with the obvious:

While not entirely authentic (as in, I’m pretty sure most people were wearing pre-Jnco–remember Jnco?–slouchy, tapered jeans in 1994), could anyone deny that these jeans are entirely sublime?

Ditsy floral prints have made a reappearance this summer (and for good reason–they’re kind of cute, no?), but this shape–a short tank dress with a fitted bodice, relatively loose waist, and a-line skirt–hasn’t been seen since, by my estimation, 1998. I regularly pass over dresses like this in thrift stores, and this has given me reason to give them a second glance. They can’t be uncomfortable, and they’re not unflattering, either.

Finally–and taunt me as you will–I’m kind of nostalgic for windbreakers. Those things were shiny AND practical! This one is especially lovely in a soft dove grey (big hair excepted, natch).

And I admit it: I kind of like the old school shell-toed Adidas, too. What can I say? They bring back memories!