Well. Here is, officially, my first new writing on my new computer. Don’t expect great depth this time–I’m testing the water and seeing how it feels. I won’t lie: it is a bit different.

I liked my old computer. It was me. It was full of my music, my homework, my pictures (and pictures from good friends), my writing, my thoughts, my address book… silly digital details that actually add up to a great deal of one’s life. Plus, my computer was configured precisely how I liked it. It knew me. It was broken in.

It was also broken down. So I broke down, too. I made the most expensive purchase I’ve ever made with exclusively my own cash and now have a state-of-the-art machine that (theoretically) can do anything I ask of it. We’ll see about that. I’m already bashing my head up against the wall of ‘I hate new technology,’ but hopefully, that gets better soon. Maybe when I find some wallpaper I like?

In the meantime, here’s what else is new in my life: a tank. I forgot to include it in the last batch of DIYs. I wanted to see what a vest would look like sideways: the answer is, not too bad (I think).