Nothing like a shitty day to put your mind on consumerism!

First up is coffee. Whatever would I do without you, my love?

Next is, unfortunately, American Apparel. Why unfortunately? Well, the hipster connotations are obviously unfortunate, but aside from that, there’s the whole “Am I buying my clothes from a misogynist?” thing. That’s an issue for me, but the no sweatshops thing is an issue for me as well–as in, a good one (is it possible to have a good issue?). When I weigh the two out, American Apparel’s cheap, reliable basics always win. I have this skirt (here), and it’s my favorite thing of all time. Or at least, of all summer.

Also, the etsy seller xenotees might get a bit of my cash, if I have any to spare at the end of the month. Super cute designs, even cuter graphics. I’m especially digging the fork, but the saw, the lobster, the chromosomes… they’re all very clever.

As well? Medieval history. Blame Richard III. I’ve lately been reading A World Lit Only Fire, but soon I’ll move on to a candid history of the Pied Piper. Who knew?

Finally, Marie by Burdastyle. I need new work clothes, and skirts are easier than pants. Of course, I gotta get through my project pile first, so…. I imagine I’ll make it sometime in December.