I stopped by the big box today to pick up face wash and my dad’s ibuprofen, and I must say, I got quite sucked in by the clothes. The Go International lines are always fun (though some have been significantly better than others), but this time, I actually found some other clothes that I really liked! I sort of feel like Topshop and Allen Schwartz and the like are the knock-offs of the runway, H&M and Forever 21 and their sort are the knock-offs of the knock-offs, and Target and Primark are–you guessed it–knock-offs of the knock-offs of the knock-offs. So, I like Target for basics, but I often find their trend pieces too generic or watered-down to be very exciting. So, you can imagine how thrilled it was to find such nice things over at good ol’ Target, and all for under $40 a pop.

Bright, tailored, and a nice weight for fall:

I’m usually not a fan of the converse line–it strikes me as a watered-down version of the lovely Converse John Varvatos line–but this dress is gone of those good faux-pas type pieces. Black and navy and a lovely fit:

This is destined to be my job interview dress (t minus 4 weeks and counting on the current job!). It’s well cut and hangs nicely. Trendy enough to be contemporary, classical enough to be practical:

Boots! Vegan boots! ‘Nuf said

Links! Bah duh bum.