A $1 vintage blouse with an amazing pattern & Peter Pan collar, but strange fit and waaaay too short sleeves. After:

Darts and banded 3/4 length sleeves. Next, before:

Uniform at the restaurant where I used to work. Conservative jeans and shapeless t shirt (one in white, one in grey). Not flattering (at all), but the t-shirts had pretty cool graphics that I wanted to hold on to. After:

Far more body-conscious jeans, and the t-shirts refashioned with the patterns in Built By You Home Stretch. The backs became the fronts, and the fronts became the back.

My favorite graphic

My favorite graphic

The tank top could obviously be taken in a bit , and I think I’ll shorten the straps too, but overall, I’m quite pleased. And clearly, I need a twelve step program for crafting, so expect more soon.