…dresses that look like separates. It was Mod Cloth that first turned me on to their loveliness, and quite a few beautiful options they have. I really adore this one:

but since blonde and yellow are a hard color combination to pull off, I’d get this one first:

The unsinkable Marc Jacobs offers up a few versions, some of which aren’t vegan, but this one delightfully is:

I normally would not be cool putting a ruffle around my waist, but this time, I think it works! Finally, while I’m not normally the Ann Taylor Loft type (at all), this one is undeniably cute:

Of course, one could achieve these looks with more versatility by getting separates, but it ultimately all comes down to laziness: why put on two items of clothing when you can put on one instead? I’ll never say no to an extra thirty seconds of sleep.