While organic toiletries tend to be better for both consumer and planet (to the extent that capitalist consumption even can be good for the planet–but this is a fashion blog, so that discussion belongs in a different one), anyone who’s tried to find shampoo without parabens, pthalates, and animal-derived ingredients knows that they don’t come cheap. So, it’s refreshing to see organic and (more) eco-friendly in drugstores, where they’re more accessible to more people.

Right off the bat, though, I do have to point out that this line isn’t exactly perfect: they say the ingredients 100% of natural origin, which is not the same as organic (so far as I can tell, the products vary hugely in how organic they actually are: some are 85%, others, 15%), and the brushes are goat hair. Still, the products themselves are vegan and pretty eco-friendly, so I decided to give it the old (post) college try.

The eyeshadow I bought is a nice color, and since it’s a neutral, I’ll probably use it up wearing it to work, so the recyclable package is good stuff. The shadow itself has a nice texture, but the color isn’t very bold at all. Again, that’s alright for work, but I would probably mix it with saline solution for a bolder look with more staying power (and yes, it works). I think it’s a good product, but not a great one.

For the record, my mother has sworn off all parabens, so she was thrilled to find this line. She loves her OrganicWear Eyeshadow. So, perhaps the line will have a strong following in the aging hippie demographic?

(sorry, Mom)