Two of my longtime favorite designers are Philip Lim and Alexander Wang. I had an old Development Philip Lim tank top from my pregan days, and I cried when my mother decided to put it through the wash (it was, of course, dry clean only). Needless to say, I won’t be replacing it–it was silk, and I don’t have $300, but I was still interested to see what Philip Lim did for Fall of 2009.

I felt like he had a sort of Napolean-in-the-70’s vibe, with shrunken tailored suits, histrionic details like tailcoats and neck ruffles, and a healthy dose of disco. I liked his colors better than his black & whites, and I especially loved his pink flapper-esque dress (see it here–it’s probably silk, so I won’t post a picture directly). I won’t buy a piece of it, given how animal-heavy it is, but I will recreate the look with shrunken double-breasted blazers from H&M, and this pleasantly 20’s-esque dress from MK2K:


Alexander Wang, knitwear king, didn’t have as much whimsy as he used to. I found his collection to be edgy and rather ‘high style’, but the monochromatic palette bored me. The part of his collection that I’d most like to recreate was the oversized motorcycle jacket. I would recreate it (and probably will, if I can afford it) with this motorcycle sweater.


It’s from Victoria’s Secret. Whoda thunkit?