People, I meant to publish this a year ago!


Like, when I first moved into my apartment. Like, the apartment for which I just renewed the lease. Like, a year ago.

Penny licks is now sadly defunct, but as a tribute to me, one year ago, I’m going to publish this as I wrote it (and yes, the irony is not lost on me that I did, in fact, forget to publish this article):

What, you thought I’d forget? Not in New York City, where shopportunities abound. I don’t have the money to shop much, but I sure have the time to browse!

ponchoFirst up is this gorgeous poncho sweatshirt: if I have any of my paycheck leftover when I pay my bills at the end of this month, this’ll be the first thing I get. Snuggly yet springy. Perfect.

Next up is Mood Designer Fabrics. I’d been avoiding this place because I figured it was probably overpriced, what with all the Project Runway hype; it is expensive, but the service is excellent and the selection is awe-inspiring. I’ve been buying decor fabric for my apartment, but I’ll be back for some spring clothes fabric shopping.

I’ve also really been digging old and foreign magazines. It’s fun to see the reigning trends from Poland or November 2006. Old fashion magazines have the same allure as old episodes of Project Runway (yes, I love Project Runway), and foreign ones are nearly as good as travel. Okay, maybe they’re not quite that good. But still.

Finally, I’m super into Penny Licks, which is fabulously close to my apartment and totally delicious. Living here won’t be good for my skinny jeans, but I’ll sure as hell enjoy it.