Mmm. It’s hard not to be a happy blogger with a vegan walnut muffin and a chai latte in front of me. In fact, it’s harder still not to be happy at my favorite ever corner cafe, where everyone knows my name (“Norm!”). The guy beside me is reading a Mark Twain novel I’ve been meaning to read for ages; the group across the way is playing Uno. The kids behind the counter are looking terribly stylish in neutral colors and cyclist’s caps (it’s chic in person, I swear. I renewed my lease specifically because of this place. It helps that my lease is relatively cheap, too.

On to fashion. I’m about 5 seconds away from buying an expensive pair of J. Crew jeans, which brings me back to my highschool years when I worshipped at the Altar of J. Crew. I specifically had quite the thing for their tissue tees. In fact, I still rather like them, though they’ve gotten a bit gimmicky lately. But why pay $40 for a whisper thin piece of cotton when Forever 21 delivers for $5.80? I don’t know that F21 has a name for them, but I do know that they’re lovely and thin and they hold up well:

Another look-for-less staple for me is Topshop jeans. They fit well, fade well, and look a lot pricier than they are. My black jeans are from Topshop, and while I have 3 pairs of grey jeans, countless pairs of blue jeans, and two pairs of turquoise jeans, my Topshop jeans are the only black ones I need:

Oh, look. That’s my outfit today. I mean, I’m wearing shoes and earrings, too. But there you have it.