Since it’s barely yet February, my longing for spring is tied up with a lot of guilt about global warming. Guilt: making sure you never enjoy yourself too much!TM. Because of my guilt, I will limit my picks to things I’m eyeing for early spring. EARLY spring. Like, March. Not right now, because I would feel very bad if it were 50 degrees out right now. ‘Kay Al Gore?

First up. Nail polish. I am not a colored manicure girl. In fact, for auditions, I nearly always try to have clean, short, shiny, plain nails. And since there’s always and audition around the corner, I almost never do colors. And if I do, it’s grey. And grey is not a color. So. No colors.

Except for this one. Essie’s polish in Neo-Whimsical has me salivating. It’s perfect. It’s pink without being demure. It’s lilac without being childish. It’s neon without being hipster. Also noteworthy: it’s not shimmery. The shimmer in some brands of nail polish isn’t vegan, so if you’re not sure, you might want to stick to flat colors. And I’m not sure about the new matte colors either (though if anyone does know, I’d be interested to learn). But plain, shiny, beautifully colored Essie nail polish? VEGAN! And gorgeous. Ricky’s NYC, I’ll see you tomorrow!

Next up: overpriced J. Crew jeans. Yeah, the ones I mentioned in my last post. I’m not a J. Crew girl (anymore). If I’m going to spend scads of money, it’s probably going to be on Built by Wendy. Maybe on Marc by Marc Jacobs. But J. Crew? Highly unlikely.

And yet.

I love them. I LOVE them. I love them 125 dollars. And so I’m going to do them. Tomorrow, if my boyfriend will let me.

And I’m going to wear them. Tomorrow, if my boyfriend will let me. With that very same chambray shirt, some spot-on black pumps, and a vegan iteration of that little woven bag. And between my non-punk zippery jeans and my non-hipster bright nails, I will be the cutest damn not-punk not-hipster vegan brooklynite around. Tomorrow.