First and foremost, Cocoa V. Oh my. Oh my. In case you’re not a New Yorker, it’s a new ALL VEGAN CHOCOLATE SHOP. That’s right, people. Vegan. Vegan caramel truffles. Vegan chocolate almond bon bons. Vegan chocolate fondue. Vegan. Vegan. I’m gonna say it one more time: vegan.¬† And I have a reservation there. I’m thinking a lot about what I’ll wear, but mostly, I’m thinking about chocolate. Oh my.

In the same vein, I might wear a pretty Built by Wendy dress there. We shall see.

My local sushi place. Does shiitake sushi ever get boring? Allow me to answer that for you: no. No, it does not.

Beckerman Bite Plate. It’s not a vegan blog, but it’s a terribly inspiring one.

RIP Alexander McQueen.