I worked all weekend, so Elouise and I spent some time playing this morning. I heard the pitter patter of paws abruptly stop about 15 minutes ago, so I glanced behind me: Elouise was sitting sheepishly by the fridge, with no toy mouse in sight. My bread knife wasn’t long enough to retrieve him, so I grabbed and 18 inch ruler. And I uncovered an archaological site of cat toys. On top of Leonard the green mouse (he has a name. Don’t make fun), there were 6 balls and a champange cork, all of which I recovered, lying on my face on the kitchen floor. And a word to the wise: a lot of dust collects under refrigerators. Now I have to sweep, too.

The fabulous lives of the young and glamorous.

In other news, I want heels. Badly. Every day heels. Nothing too high (read: three inches or less, please), ideally something stompy, possibly booties. These are great, I will get them, but I’d like something a bit (read: only a little!) more ornate than these too. Something like this would be great, but, you know, vegan. This would be perfect. Except for the cow skin. These might be it.

Unless something better comes along… in other words, pass along your better ideas, please!