Boneshakers. Along with cutting back on clothes, I’m also cutting back on eating out for lent. And I miss Boneshakers like whoa. Don’t get me wrong, Vinnie’s, Brooklyn Standard, Brooklyn Label–I miss them too! But not like Boneshakers.

Oh, Boneshakers.

Jason smoothing shampoo. Don’t feel like posting a picture. But it’s animal-friendly and it’s good stuff.

District Dog. Great pet supplies, helpful, super-knowledgeable staff, and local to boot. What’s it have to do with vegan fashion? It’s fucking trendy to carry a little dog in a handbag, DUH! No, I just like thme a lot and think they deserve a shout.

While I’m on that tack, Elouise came from Empty Cages Collective. They do great work.

This hasn’t been a fashion-y post at all, so here, I leave you with a skirt I like: