I looooved Christopher Kane’s new collection. Loved. I thought it was original, smart, and a lovely modern take on traditional feminine looks (lace, florals, satins). And no pants in the entire thing!

Now, if the collection were vegan, affordable, and realistic, I’d be all over it. But, since it’s none of the above (I mean, I love dresses, but come on, it’s 33 degrees out today), I can only recreate. Well, I can’t. Because I’m not shopping for a while. But you can!


Can be this! This dress:

plus this skirt:

plus these shoes:

I don’t have the lace print dress or the shoes, but I would wear them in a second. I do have the skirt (it doesn’t come with that green waistband, it’s just black), and it’s awfully comfortable and very versatile. All in all, I think it’s a wearable, affordable, nice vegan alternative. If only I were shopping.

Here, here, and here.