As is, I’m sure, evidenced by previous posts, I’ve finally gotten around to looking at fashion week footage. There are some shows that have me drooling, in spite of their impossible prices and non-vegan materials (Pringle of Scotland, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler), and there are some that I usually adore that are sort of letting me down (ADAM: what’s with all the leather? That was a let-down, man). Anyhow, here’s my first attempt to recreate.

Lutz & Patmos:

I don’t know if that fur is real (if so, for shame), but either way, it’s a little high-maintenance for me. Here’s my toned-down look:

Yes, I cropped out my eyes on purpose. Suffice to say I looked really tired when that photo was taken. H&M jeans, Forever 21 cardigan, Hanes tank (unseen), thrifted pumps, thrifted cream scarf, Topshop arm warmers.

It’s obviously not a spot on recreation. I don’t own anythign sheeny or pleated (though I do rather enjoy the 70’s look of the original), and I never wear scarfs over my head. I also don’t own a snood, though I wish I did. Anyhow, I like this outfit, though I tend to prefer a better-defined waist–but I did enjoy the laid-back-yet-put-together vibe of the whole thing.