Built by Wendy Dress Book.

I am so excited about this that I couldn’t even think of a clever and pithy way to introduce the idea. I thought of numerous ‘Readers, are you ready?’ set-ups, and yet none of them did justice to the wondrous reality that is the Built by Wendy Dress Book. As soon as it’s not @#$!#$@#$@#$ sloshy and gross outside, I will trot down to Williamsburg and snatch it up.

Copenhagen Street Style. Such stylish Danes.

This dress.

If I eventually cave and get it, it will become my go-to party dress. And hopefully in the spring, I’ll want to go-to parties more often.

There’s also this neat post on ecouterre.

Also on my radar? Damp. Dirty, muddy, damp. And grey skies. Le sigh.