Gee, this is ironic, given my last post. . .  Still, I am really excited about the


I blog about Built by Wendy so often that I should really give it it’s own tag. But anyhow. It’s great. It’s new. And you can buy it now. I will be getting this charming number:

And this:

And this:

In my dreams, that is.

Ok, if you like your fashion fluffy and uncomplicated, feel free to stop reading there. If you like your fashion served with a side of moral ambiguity, continue on. Personally, I would rather support and independent designer than a big, corporate-owned fashion house. Not only do you end up with a more unique garment, I also think it’s more ethical. That said, there are no guarantees that your clothes were produced completely fairly.

My impression is that huge designers owned by corporations can afford to have sweatshops or contract them out, whereas smaller designers must stick to smaller factories. I suppose this isn’t a guarantee of fair labor (at all), but when you buy something that was actually designed by a talented designer, you avoid garments that were cheaply mass-produced, and then bid on by companies clamouring to put their own label on it (F21, I’m lookin’ at you). Again, there’s no guarantee. But me, in this world, I’m reasonably happy with a safer bet.