More bags!

I love bags. Really, really love them. My boyfriend never fails to comment on how many bags I have, and this is a man who’s had me and my bags in his life for more than a year.

But hell, they bring me joy and they help me carry my things. So this time, it’s Melie Bianco who gets the praise: while not a specific vegan brand, I have never, never seen a non-vegan Melie Bianco bag. And while I feel like a vegan traitor for saying this, they’re cheaper than Matt & Nat, and my Melie Bianco bag has proved a bit more hardwearing than my Matt & Nat bag: don’t get me wrong, I adore my Matt & Nat bag, and through kind treatment, it’ll last me a while longer. And it certainly won’t go out of style any time soon.

But my Melie Bianco one is a year old and looks brand now. And now, the photos do the talking:

I have wanted a white perforated bag for six years. Seriously.


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Get ’em while they’re hot.