Bonsheakers brunch is sheer genius. There are pancakes, French toast, biscuits, tofu scramble… vegan vegan vegan.  And my work schedule usually forbids me from coming. Ironically, since I have the day off, I pestered a house guest to stay an extra day to come here with me for brunch-she didn’t, but she did end up stranded at Penn Station overnight, thanks to wind and rain. Oy. So, I’m here with a slightly guilty conscience, but I’m here.

And as usual, it’s a style roster of all things Brooklyn. I see tunics and leggings—I even see a fantastic pair of tights that I have too:

Mine are the ones pictured; girl in question has hot pink and black. I also see a nifty sweatshirt jacket (I really want a structured sweatshirt now. Hm) paired with moccasins (anyone have a good source for vegan moccasins?).  Lastly is the guy who looks like Moby. Moby is so still stylish!

And now I’d like to address an issue. That’s right, people, an issue.  I am well aware that this blog is called What I Wore, and outfit pictures that are ubiquitous everywhere else are conspicuously absent here.  It’s not that I don’t love them. It is, firstly, that I often work from home and spend the day in sweats. Sweats are not worthy of an internet picture. Secondly, when I go out, it’s often for an audition or a dance class, and if it’s dance, I’m just wearing whatever fits over a leotard and tights, and if it’s an audition, I dress specifically for what I’m auditioning for.

I’m not totally lame: I go out with my friends and boyfriend, and on Friday I even had a dinner party (I guess I’m a grown up now! Huh).  But what usually happens is that I don’t get dressed until I have to run out the door, or, as was the case Friday, it’s already dark when I’m in clothes. But hey, I did have one outfit recently that had all the right elements: it was daylight, I wasn’t in a total rush, and it wasn’t pajamas!

I actually didn’t mean to cut my face out of this one–just the consequence of a timer picture. People usually write where their clothes came from here, right? Ok, blue top from Forever 21, zippy jeans from J. Crew, cuffed boots from Blowfish, antique turquoise bracelet.  So there. I leave you, people, with What I Wore.