Jesse.anne.o has a very interesting post up that discusses wanting things even when you know that you don’t need them. This is something I try to avoid, yet something I fall victim to all the damn time. Now, I’m pretty careful about what I buy: I don’t make a ton of money, and since I can’t afford to make payments on a debt, I try never to be in debt. I can’t consumeconsumeconsume out of necessity; however, I desire enough that I wonder if I would, were money no object.

The other night, I stopped in H&M to buy some socks. I actually, genuinely needed them. I can never make socks last very long; I walk and walk and walk, usually two or three miles a day at least, and my socks get stretched out, holey, and useless in no time flat. So I got three new pairs.

And, uh, a scarf and several pairs of earrings.


To be totally fair, I had wanted some vegan pearls, I think that they’ll be useful for a look I often need to create for auditions. I also had a pair of black studs like that which I wore frequently until they broke. So the two pairs, I can justify. The others… hm. And the scarf too, in all likelihood I’ll wear it, but that doesn’t mean I need it. In fact, I very specifically don’t need it.  I guess I need to extend my shopping moratorium to include accessories.