Does anyone else really, really, really have trouble getting things done on dreary Mondays? I have an entire list of things I SHOULD be doing, but it seems highly unlikely that it will all get done. I’ve done a little cleaning today, and I’ve submitted myself to a few acting jobs; other than that, I’ve dicked around at my corner coffee shop for an hour and a half. Mmmhm. Whatta day.

I’d like to finish my sewing repairs today, since I have the time (for once). But I’m not interested in much of anything on days like today, much less being useful. So, I’m posting this top in the hopes that it’ll motivate me to do something productive.

I thrifted a giant men’s t-shirt with nice stripes months ago, tossed it in my knits box (yup, I’ve got a box of knits), and didn’t look at it again. Until the other day when, for once, I actually did some sewing. I was feeling industrious and I had an hour on my hands, and now I have a new shirt! Pardon the camera face pictures, I didn’t want to bug with the timer:

Sorry for the spotty mirror! I have yet to settle on a non-toxic mirror/glass cleaner that I really like. The top, however, I do rather like, and I know I’ll wear it in the spring. $3 well spent!

Now, if only I could spend the day well.