Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to SusanK of The Cohabitating Closet for this lovely Sugar Doll Award! Commence tears.

So! I have to tell you ten things about myself, which will be hard as I don’t find myself that interesting. You already know I’m a Brooklyn vegan with a cat. What’s left? Well, I’ll try anyway. . .

1. My mom isn’t sure if my first word was ‘meow’ or ‘dada.’ ‘Dada’ is in my baby book, but it might be because my mom thought ‘meow’ wasn’t really a word. I think it was meow, but if I said ‘dada’  first, I’m sure I was referring to the artistic movement that took place in the 1930s, and not my father (sorry, Dad!).

2. In kindergarten, one of my friends’ fathers brought a giant snake to our class one day. I desperately wanted to touch it, but a girl with whom I wanted to be friends thought it was awful and left the room because she was scared of it. I pretended to be scared of it as well to raise my chances of being her friend. It worked, and we were friends until she moved (in second grade?), but ever since, I have actually, honestly been afraid of snakes.

3. As many of you know, I’m an actor. And a vegan. And  because this is a crappy, cuthroat profession and work is hard to come by, I once did a radio spot that involved pimping a double bacon cheeseburger combo meal. I wouldn’t do it nowadays (it was 6 years ago or so), but still, judge me as you will.

4. I probably own about 70 pairs of shoes. Here’s another ‘go ahead and judge me’ moment. Most of them, however, are thousands of miles away in my parents’ attic.

5. I’ve lost cell phones, designer sunglasses, checkbooks, and brand new 30-day metro cards. I never seem to lose things that are worth less than $80.

6. I once kissed a guy I hadn’t seen for 4 years and would probably never see again, and as a result, I got mono that kept me in bed for 2 months. The kicker? I was supposed to spend that summer in Paris. I’m still vaguely bitter.

7. I have perfect vision in one eye and terrible vision in the other. As such, I wear one contact when I wear contacts, and when I wear glasses, one of the lenses is clear glass. I have ‘the strangest vision [my optometrist] has ever seen!’

8. I made a purchase at a toyshop the other day. Yes, it was for myself.

(It was a frisbee)

9. I don’t drink soda or chew gum. I think both are vile.

10. I used to drink 7 cups of coffee a day. It was a little too much.

There! And now to pass it on. . .

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