I’ve been rather slow with La Fille D’Or’s Wardrobe Challenge, and I certainly won’t manage a dozen remixes in the next two weeks. There are a couple reasons: first, two jobs that require two different sorts of clothes. For auditions, I wear something I think that the character I’m auditioning to play would wear, and for actual acting jobs, I’m costumed; for day job (which is nannying, for those of you who are curious. Which is probably none of you), I wear things that I don’t care about much, that are machine-washable, and that can survive an attack with glitter glue. I’d also like to do more of these in the future, So I only managed my second outfit yesterday, which was a relatively normal day: breakfast with boyfriend, errands, work, rehearsal.

It was a slightly drizzly day, so I was appreciative of how well the tank dress layered:

Oh God, that scarf hanging on the door in the background makes it look like I’m hanging myself. Eep.

Anyhow! That’s the ADAM tank dress, a Hanes tank, Topshop denim leggings (I abhor the word ‘jeggings.’ Ew), brogues from a tiny hole in the wall in Midtown (a vegan triumph!), H&M belt, H&M trench, H&M headband, H&M faux pearls (hey, a theme!) and a vintage scarf. Whew.

I felt like this outfit worked well, honestly. Easy, comfy, and relatively sharp-looking. Certainly put-together enough for a day like today. Now the question is, will I be able to think of anything OTHER ways to wear this. Hm.