Believe it or not, I didn’t plan this! I wanted to get cracking on outfits with the tank top on Wednesday (only getting posted now because I spent yesterday at the beach! Wheee), but it was still cool enough that I figured I’d need a wrap. I pulled a grey dolman-sleeved hoodie out of my closet, but with the wide cut, it looked sloppy open; I tried zipping it, but it dwarfed the lovely detailing on the top. I went back to my hoodie rack (yeah, I have a few different ones for cold days and hangovers), and lo and behold, this stood out to me! I think maroon is almost a neutral, so it worked nicely.

So! We have a net hoodie from I-don’t-remember-where, Opening Ceremony jeans (retailing for $220; purchased, new with tags, from Beacon’s Closet for $17.50), American Apparel grey tank, Built by Wendy black and white tank, subway token necklace, and thrifted pumps ($4. Or was it $3)?). I tossed on the same coat-and-scarf combo as in this post, and I had an outfit! Oh, and that funny thing hanging off my hip is the belt that goes with the jeans–it’s braided denim, the effect is nice in person.

Since I originally picked four things, I’m only going to do 3 remixes a piece. I mean, I don’t want to get sick of anything. So, this knocks the hoodie out of the way! What remains to be seen: can I take on those gloves?