Man. So I’m visiting the Small Midwestern City where I grew up, and I’m generally having a fine time (a trip to Target for face wash yielded a new shirt, new lip gloss, dish towels, and a mandolin slicer), but I had a sad morning. I was driving home when I noticed that a tiny little bird that didn’t get out of the way as I drove down the street. It was on my parents block, so I parked the car and went to check him out–he looked healthy at first glance, so I wasn’t sure why he was hanging out in the street. I noticed he was looking around in odd patterns, so I bent down to check out his face–he was clearly blind in one eye. Aw.

I called a local wildlife rescue organization, and they said that if he could be caught, they’d take him in and treat that nasty eye infection. I went out with a towel and a box–aaaaand a cat got there first. Literally, the cat was only 3 feet in front of me, and much, much faster. Another perfectly good reason to keep your cats indoors, people. Nature takes it’s course.Β  But still. I’m pretty bummed. I checked my email before I dashed out to get the woodpecker, and I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t, I would have made it to him in time. Man.

Well, in other news…

Jezebel has a good article up on French Elle’s first ‘curvy’ issue.

Topshop has been in NYC for a year now! Go get your beautiful lacy top fix:

This looks like an excellent movie. Thing is, I’m not sure it’s a date night flick. . .