You know, I go on a lot about green fashion, independent designers, avoiding corporations (well, evil ones, at least. I do love me some Target), and socially conscious manufacturing. Part of it, I think, stems from my guilt about enjoying fashion as much as I do, and, admittedly, overconsuming it. The rest of it stems from a genuine interest in fixing the typical American consumption model, and encouraging companies, designers, and manufacturers who are going above and beyond what is required of them to provide consumers with a better alternative. It’s often hard to say which companies are making the best effort–there’s definitely a lot of greenwashing in the market–but one company that I can confidently say is incredibly responsible is G-Star. You can read their stance on corporate responsibility here, but let’s ogle their products now, hmm?

Such a cool texture here

Love this wash

Hey, a romper!

I’m mostly over designer denim, but I’ll always make a hell of an exception for G-Star.