Who are yours? Sure, I love Jane Birkin and Diane Keaton, but I must admit, I’m pretty wild about Orlan, too. I’m not about to get forehead implants, but good Lord, have you ever seen anyone so bold?

I think that her use of the body as a canvas is seriously brave, and the way she calls attention to beauty as a creation, rather than something exists in nature, is pretty fucking cool. If you’re not sure who I’m talking about, here‘s a good explanation.

I also think that Gloria Steinem deserves some props–though given the way that the fashion industry pushes women to fit into a narrow ideal, I’m not sure how Gloria Steinem would feel about being called a fashion icon–but hey, she’s always looked so great! On top of being gorgeous, the woman can rock a pair of glasses:

And here‘s another great picture.

So seriously: who are yours?