. . . for vegan clogs, I have assembled a list.

I know. I’ve been a bad delinquent blogger. I had the week from hell, but I’m back from hell with a vengeance and a desire for new shoes. So, on with the clog-esques!

First up is this old post of some really amazing clunky platforms that I’m pretty sure I love but maybe don’t.The wide band over the arch and the incredible, incredible platforms really remind me of the solidity of a clog. Like I said, I think I love them.

Next up is these:

Again, full coverage over the arch, and a true heel, and wood this time! The studs are another pleasantly clog-like detail.

Ok, I like these so much that I actually considered not posting this until I nabbed a pair myself:

They’re so seventies that I’m pretty sure I just renamed myself Jane Birkin. Faux suede. Stacked wood heel. Wing tip. Ooooh my.

This pair was brought to my attention by La Fille D’Or:

Chunky heel! Studs! Divine.

Last but not least, I cannot afford another pair of cloggedy shoes, but if I break down, I will certainly break down for these:

Canvas and cork and pure perfection. You can keep your Swedish Hasbeens!