. . . ’cause I look like a conductor. I am alllll over engineer stripes for spring. Last summer, I got some excellent engineer striped boyfriend jeans, pictured below. They’re comfortable as can be–I can actually taken them off without unzipping or unbuttoning. You’d think they’d fall off, but they sit comfortably and perfectly right on my hip. I just have to be careful not to wear granny panties with them–that tends to lead to problems.

I like them so much that I went ahead and bought some lovely engineer striped denim, which will be a skirt soon. . .

I rather have my eye on these trousers, too:

I’d like an engineer striped chambray shirt, too. There’s one at the Gap (they must be out online, because I can’t find a picture), but while I liked the fabric, the fit was boxy. Any suggestions?