So! I have two auditions right next to one another this week. This usually wouldn’t be a problem, but I’m auditioning for two veeeery different characters. Now, I don’t go in costume to auditions; costumes are the wardrobe department’s job, not mine. I do, however, like to suggest the character I’m auditioning for with what I wear.

Here’s the problem. I’m auditioning first to play a med student and then. . . a hippie. Not much crossover there, eh? For the med student, I’m going to wear jeans, an oxford shirt, small loop earrings, and flats. Something like this:

Minus the ridiculous express. For the med student role, I’ll go for basic, collected, and professional. It’s the hippie request that has me baffled. I clearly need a change of clothes, but hopefully one that’s easily portable. I could wear the She-Bible dress I posted in this entry, because it suggests ease and comfort, I think; I could also wear this dress, tho it might be more costume-y than I like to go for auditions:

(It’s noteworthy that I do wear this dress in real life. It’s comfy!).

I could also just change my top, which would be the easiest route, and wear this blouse-y top:

But I dunno if anything about that REALLY says ‘hippie.’

So, dear readers: help! Which do you like? If you were a casting director, which outfit would say ‘hippie?’ Have any other outfits I’ve posted looked hippie-esque to you? Opinions more than appreciated, dudes.