So! Part of the reason that I’ve been such a bad absentee blogger lately is that I’ve been legitimately busy; part of it is just laziness, too, I suppose. I’ve had some friends visiting from out of town, which is super exciting, but also super tiring, and zomg, when everyone wants you to take them shopping and out to eat, that gets pricey (I’m not complaining: I love you, WhoaWren!).

I’ve also been busy busy with my acting career. Before I graduated from school, everyone told me that managing an acting career is a full time job. I was all, ‘Pfshaw, yeah right, good working actors book what, two, three jobs a month?’ Well. I was wrong and they were right. Earlier this week, I signed on to perform in a performance art piece. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything dance-y, and it’s movement based, so I was excited about it. Later that day, I went to audition for a cabaret show. I bombed it. Later that night, I got cast in the cabaret show. What?? Here’s the hitch. It’s a running cabaret, performing once a week with different singers, and he wanted me to perform on a night where I have a potential rehearsal for a project I’m already involved in (and which performs not long after said night, so I wanted to be sure to leave it open). I explain to him why that night isn’t the best for me, and ask to perform in July, because I’m being considered for a commercial that shoots on the date of his earlier cabaret show. He responds and says he’ll have me in July if that’s really all I can do, but why don’t I perform before my life gets crazy and come perform my set. . . on the 8th. As in, the 8th of June. As in, two weeks from now. So I email him several times, explaining why I can’t possibly perform that soon, and he keeps pushing until I finally give in, and sign the damn contract.

Then I get a rehearsal schedule for the performance art piece. Rehearsal on the night of the 8th. Of course.

I need a manager.

Anyhow! In regards to fashion, my visiting friend has discovered a shoe saver: band aid foot lube! She says it really works, so I’m going to invest in some, like, tomorrow:

I also have some family in town right now, so we’re going to see Promises, Promises tonight. Maybe I’ll review it tomorrow! Aaaand, maybe I won’t.

Also, in this weather, I must say, THANK GOD for dry shampoo. I’m not a frequent hair washer. This stuff keeps me from looking like Professor Snape. I use Batiste brand:

I try to avoid the tropical scented one, though. It was the only picture I could find.

Have a lovely rainy day, all!