I’ve been getting the Anthropologie catalog in the mail lately. I’m not sure why, because I think the only purchases I’ve made from Anthropologie have been in the bricks and mortar store, but still, I flip through it. I think it’s all terribly overpriced, but some of the things are quite nice. This skirt, for instance:

Super cute, no? Interesting pattern, nice 70’s vibe, hard-to-find length. . . $118. Am I right in thinking that you could thrift something similar for $4.99?

This skirt is far more unique:

But again, at $218, I’ll be waiting until it goes on sale. I do reeeally want it, though. . .

For some reason, their shirts just fall flat for me. I always look, I’m always disappointed:

A little bit. . . dull, right? Particularly for $58. I dunno, maybe dull isn’t the word; maybe it’s just too precious for my taste.

Though I’m not sure that’s the case, because this dress is pretty precious, and I like it:

And this one!

Hey, here‘s a top I could get behind (or into):

They have cute shoes too, but they’re all leather to boot (ba-dum ching!).

My conclusion: If Anthropologie would make vegan shoes and lower their prices by about 50%, I would totally be a customer. Til then. . . sending me catalogs is a waste of paper.