. . . because the less money I have, the more I want to buy.


It works the other way around, too–when things seem to be going my way, I tend to think, ‘Wow, I have a lot of clothing. I really need to focus on consuming less and using more of what I have!’

Really, I’m convinced that there’s a connection. On some level, when I get fewer hours at work (or, as was the case this weekend, when I’m home with the flu), I think that my anxiety about money somehow subconsciously makes me anxious about the state of the rest of my life: and, like a good American consumer, I also subconsciously believe that more stuff will make my life better.

Obviously, that’s not the case, particularly as clutter gives me anxiety, too (by the way, this post is full of anxiety, but that doesn’t mean that My Life At Large is; don’t worry, all, I’m generally fine!). In fact, I’m donating some of my clutter to the Rummage Sale at Empty Cages Collective is holding on Saturday the 12th! Pictures of items I’m donating are to come.

In the meantime, though, as long as I’m on the topic of things I want that I can’t have, here‘s an awfully cute skirt:

Love that the waist has a hint of a paper bag style, and I love the messy rolled hem too. This looks so light and easy to wear! It’s a cotton/linen blend, so it would be super cool during the summer months, and yes, the belt is faux leather. What’s not to love? Oh, yeah: the fact that is costs money.