Well, maybe actually not. I treated myself to some shopping today, and I actually think that I did pretty well. Pictures of most things to come, but thanks to my Urban Outfitters credit, I got two dresses, a necklace, a pair of shorts, a pair of sunglasses, and two tops–all for just under $100.

As is becoming the norm in this blog, I need y’all’s opinions! I have a showcase coming up–for those of you who are not entertainers, a showcase is a show that’s put on specifically for the industry: producers, casting directors, agents. Now, all the actors will be wearing blue, red, black or yellow–should paint a nice picture on stage, but really, the only one of these that will work for me is blue. I wear black fine as well (at least, I think I do), but the theatre will be a black box, and I want to stand out. I found a lovely flattering dress at Buffalo Exchange, and I think it’s what I’ll wear. It is a little sexy, but then, my job is to make myself look as marketable as possible. I’m trying to decide how to style it:

This look, with the pearls, flats, and headband, is a little demure, which might be most appropriate for my character.

This is my attempt to make the dress a bit more casual, because I’ve been setting my scene in a coffee shop in the afternoon. But then, I could wear the first look and I could probably set it in a bar just as easily.

Of course, I could always wear this dress, which isn’t so precious, but it’s perhaps not as flattering, and it’s a darker color, so it will stand out less.

I’m counting on your excellent taste, ladies. . . ok go!