Hi Everyone!

The title says it all. Well, maybe not all: I never intended to stop blogging, but I got a lot busier, started acting more, started working at my day job more, that break up I posted about back in April got glued back together for a bit, and then it broke in a big, unfixable way.

The upswing of all this is that I’m back! Well, I hope. In the wake of the final, rather ugly end to my relationship, I got very indulgent for a bit: lots of shopping, every meal out, drinks upon drinks upon drinks with friends, with family (albeit fewer drinks with family), with new guys, with old guys. . . it was a pretty sweet couple of months, but I’ll get more done and save more money if I reign it in a bit.

I’m still busy as sin, but I’m going to try and use blogging as a way to (fashionably) focus my life a bit–writing has become a tool that I use more and more in my professional life, so to make an effort to write a bit a few times every week will be quite good for me. As for the saving money part, I’ve vowed not to buy any new clothes until December. THIS is going to be really, really difficult for me. In blogging, and sharing it all with the world, I’m hoping to hold myself to that (and I will share it with y’all if I slip up and buy something), and stay excited about my current (large!) wardrobe. I might also post some food (if I make anything worth chatting about–I had snow peas and tofu with Thai peanut sauce tonight, and it was delicious, but it wasn’t very photogenic) to motivate myself to cook more and eat out less.

So there you have it! I’m trying to stage a grand return to blogging for completely selfish reasons. But I hope what you’ll get out of it is more clothes, more food, more honesty, and perhaps even a good story every now and then.

And you’ll all hold me to my many commitments here, right?

I knew it. You’re the best. Talk soon!