I have this sense that wallets should be carefully chosen.

Think of it: nearly all other accoutrements of fashion and style are owned in multiples. Practically every Westerner has several pairs of jeans, several pairs of shoes (I own a shameful number of shoes), tons of tops, at least a small collection of jewelry, and so on and so forth. Even practical things are usually owned in quantities: I only have one watch, but that’s because I never wear the damn thing. I own a few different scarfs and hats, two coats (neither that I like, unfortunately), and a plethora of handbags.

Which brings me back to wallets. I have one, and I’ve never known anyone to own more than one. I mean, I’m not sure why anyone would: shuffling all those credit cards, membership cards, discount cards, IDs, what-have-you, is not like tossing a cell phone and a lip gloss into a different handbag. So people are remarkably conservative when it comes to wallets, and tend to have only one.

And as such, when your wallet finally kicks it, finding a new one is a bit of a quest, particularly when you add a vegan stipulation. After all, it’s something that comes out of your bag, on display to the world, a few times a day (though God knows I’m trying to keep mine hidden a bit more). It’s one fashion item that you should ideally be pleased with for years to come.

I could tell you the story of my wallet quest, but I won’t go into detail (mostly because it would be terribly boring detail: ‘well, first I went here, and all the wallets were leather. Then I went there and all the wallets were too big. Then I went to this other place and they were ugly’). Suffice to say, I found one! And it’s perfect:

And it’s back-ordered for months.

But it’s cool. Vegan wallets are tough enough that I’m willing to wait it out. Besides, by the time I get it, I’ll have forgotten that I ordered it and it’ll be just like Christmas!

Well, almost just like Christmas.