Readers, I promised honesty, and today that’s what you’ll get.

I got pushed out of my job on Wednesday: the child I watch switched to a new school, and the nanny that works week days has been getting fewer hours as a result. She’s been working years longer than I have, and she threatened to quit if she didn’t get more hours.

And she got mine.

And I am thrilled.

This is the push I needed to look for a better job. I’d sort of been idling in my last job, and I’m glad to be onto something new. Maybe anxiety will set in soon, but I doubt it. I can comfortably look for the perfect job for a while, and I’m excited to move onto bigger and better things.

On to the other stuff!  Wore this today to an audition:

I will miss those orange flats when they kick the bucket, which will doubtlessly be soon. There’s just something so perfect about the juxtaposition of the sweet bow and the burnt orange color. Anyhow, the breakdown: Hanes tank top, H&M necklace, vest from somewhere in Paris (perhaps Printemps?), Built by Wendy/Wrangler jeans, and I don’t remember where the bracelet came from.

I suppose it’s a good thing that I’ve committed to saving money, too–rather than going to Boneshakers every day this week, I decided that I’m perfectly capable of providing myself with breakfast, and made banana bread:

It was awfully good, but I’ll never COMPLETELY give up Boneshakers and Champs. I bake well, but they bake better.